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Scorpion Energy Hunter® 

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Scorpion Energy Hunter® is a renewable energy system that efficiently harvests freely available solar energy. This system uses the most advanced solar panels available to convert sunlight into energy that can be used immediately and/or stored for later use. Scorpion Energy Hunter® can be configured with a backup generator, ensuring your power needs will be met at any hour of any day, even when the sun does not shine.

Renewable energy sources are transforming our military's dependence on fossil fuels and inspiring new technologies for clean energy that effectively reduces our impact on the environment.

Most renewable energy systems are developed with a precise location in mind and then designed for optimal harvesting potential for that specific location. That works well for buildings or traditional brick and mortar structures on a military base, but it presents a serious challenge for Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Main Operating Bases (MOBs).

The Scorpion System overcomes those challenges by having fully adjustable, dual solar arrays. Not only can they be positioned in a way that follows the sun's path, but they can be adjusted for seasonal variations in the sun's height in the sky. When these two factors are combined the harvesting capability of the  Scorpion System is unmatched. 

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