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Established in 2003, MILSPRAY® provides products, systems and services to the Department of Defense (DOD) and Government agencies that extend the useful life of vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment. 


We offer a proven record of performance with highly trained, skilled, and certified corrosion repair personnel, deployable vehicle and equipment wash systems, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) systems, specialty coatings, and mil-spec touch-up paint systems. 

MILSPRAY® has been a consistent partner in the USMC CPAC Program since 2005. We are proud of the services we continue to provide to the USMC. We employ the policies and procedures we have learned “growing up with” the USMC to other departments of the DoD, commercially and throughout our organization. 


MILSPRAY® is the premier CPAC provider on the island of Guam, rated by the US DoD as one of the most highly corrosive environments on Earth. Forming a partnership in 2015, with the USAF at Anderson AFB, MILSPRAY® brought years of experience and knowledge. The data collection and processes utilized by MILSPRAY® inspired updates to the USAF Technical Order regarding AGE equipment.

Expanding upon our vast services for the military, MILSPRAY® has extended their offerings to commercial and personal applications. We provide Rustproofing, Tough Coat™ Bed Liners, Tectyl® Undercarriage Coatings, and Fleet Washing services to all commercial and personal vehicles & equipment. 

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