MILSPRAY® Fleet Wash

MILSPRAY Fleet wash service is the first step in stopping the corrosion process. Milspray has been a leader for over 17 years in the Military’s efforts at slowing and eliminating corrosion from their assets. Our NACE certified techs worked with the Military and put together a strategic plan, process and the utilization of our proprietary formulas. To date we have been able to help save the Military hundreds of millions of dollars. We now would like to offer this to YOU!

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule removes corrosive agents like salt, oil, and grime – extending the life of your vehicle’s exterior paint and undercarriage. We use industry leading Hotsy Power Washers, along with environmentally friendly biodegradable and non-corrosive cleaning agents to protect your fleet, the environment and your wallet from fines. We come to you at your convenience and set up a large collection basin, all waste water will then go through our collection system that will isolate and contain dirty water which will then be removed from the premises. All vehicles will be put back exactly the way they were before hand and all keys will be returned. When we are done, everything will be cleaned up and you will never know we were there. 

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