Liz Shivers is the CEO & President of MILSPRAY®. Joining MILSPRAY® in 2007, Shivers has held positions of increasing responsibility within the company. Shivers has extensive experience in government contracting, management and the implementation of strategic objectives for the company. Shivers earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in Finance from Canyon College and a Master Certificate in Government Contract Management from Villanova University.

CEO & President

Liz Shivers


Brian Scarpulla is MILSPRAY’s Vice President of Operations. Scarpulla comes from a highly qualified and diverse contracting background within the organization which includes over eleven years of management and supervisory experience. Scarpulla previously served as Site Manager, and Field Operations Coordinator for MILSPRAY®. Later, Scarpulla transitioned into the contracting department where he served as a Contracting Specialist and Contract Administrator for MILSPRAY®.

Vice President of Operations

Brian Scarpulla


Director, Business Development - Government

Sheron Schley is MILSPRAY's Director of Business Development. Schley focuses on developing, coordinating, and implementing plans designed to increase existing business while capturing new opportunities.

Schley has worked for MILSPRAY® since November of 2014 when he operated in the Research and Development Department focusing on advanced optically clear Polymer systems for ballistic protection and Elastomeric coatings. Schley has performed formulations, creations, and mechanical properties testing to include tensile and elongation, compression, gravity-impact, and ballistics.

Schley has also served in the military as U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, U.S Army Sniper, Light Infantry Reconnaissance and Surveillance Section Leader, and as Sniper Section Leader. Schley has also graduated from multiple advanced Military Leadership Courses.

Bill Morganti is MILSPRAY’s Director of Business Development - Commercial. Morganti is highly skilled with a diverse background within the organization. He is certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and has over tweleve years of management and supervisory experience. In 2008, Morganti was honored as MILSPRAY’s Employee of the Year. Morganti previously served as MILSPRAY’s first U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) Site Manager and had been a Site Manager for multiple locations around the United States for MILSPRAY®.

Director, Business Development - Commercial

Bill Morganti


(732) 948-9651

Janet Armitt is MILSPRAY's Director of Finance. Armitt comes from a highly qualified and diverse accounting background which includes over eleven years of fixed asset management and staff accounting experience. Armitt previously served as the Staff Accountant for MILSPRAY® before transitioning into the role of Director.

Director, Finance

Janet Armitt


Brian Matz is MILSPRAY's Director of Quality, Health & Safety. Matz joined MILSPRAY® in 2007 as a vehicle washer and has since served in roles of increasing responsibility, such as site manager of our first USAF team and Program Manager for our site in Germany. Recently, the team in Germany, under Brian’s leadership, was awarded the coveted “Safety Belt” beating out all other sectors on base. Matz was honored as MILSPRAY's Employee of the Year in 2019. 

Director, Quality, Health & Safety

Brian Matz


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