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Police & Municipal Vehicles

Since 2003, we have painted over 15,000 HUMVEES, MRAPS, Tanks, and everything in between. We have serviced many assets from local municipalities and police departments extending the useful life of vehicles and equipment. This saves the local taxpayers money by pushing the cost for replacement of equipment and vehicles years down the road.

Tough Coat™ is a lightweight, nearly indestructible, military grade, integrated polyurea coating system that provides the ultimate in water repellent technology and enhanced corrosion protection. Although typically applied in black, Tough Coat™ can be special ordered in almost any color. More than “just a bedliner,” Tough Coat™ can also be applied to high wear areas, bumpers, rail guards and plow blades, providing enhanced protection in these areas as well.

Protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage with Tectyl® significantly improves the life of your vehicle and could prevent extremely expensive out of pocket maintenance and repair costs due to corrosion damage.

The following are benefits of Tectyl® Undercarriage Coatings:

  • Military-grade, the only undercarriage coating used by the USMC.

  • Protection against sand, salt, moisture, flying rocks and debris.

  • Engineered for short or long-term protection as well as indoor or outdoor exposure.

  • Features an excellent chip resistance rating on the Gravelometer scale.

  • 100% HAPS-free (Hazardous Air Pollutants)

  • Watertight seal that resists corrosion and rust.

Our MILSPRAY® T-32 Rustproofing product and service is not an undercoating, it is a body maintenance program. Unlike an undercoating, MILSPRAY® Rustproofing provides protection to your whole vehicle and it cannot be chipped or cracked. The ultra thin film creeps and crawls into seams, cracks and crevices where corrosion begins and provides an active barrier between the metal and the causes of corrosion. The product is an active product that is used before the metal is corroded. Reapplication every 6-18 months, depending on location, guarantees protection to your vehicle.

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