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Tough Coat™ Bed Liner

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Tough Coat™ Bedliner material is the only bedliner good enough to be approved by the United States Marine Corps. For years, MILSPRAY® and the USMC have been applying Tough Coat to Humvees, Trucks, and other high wear, damage prone areas of vehicles and equipment.


The U.S. Air Force recently selected Tough Coat for use in their auxillary ground equipment (AGE) refurbishment program. 


MILSPRAY® offers equipment, material, and training packages directly to the United States military. We also can provide complete turnkey application services at your site.

Safety Data Sheets

  • MIL-DTL-53030
    MDB0453030 Brush MDR0453030 Roller QT53030 Quart (kit only) WF53030 Aerosol WF53030VAC Vacuum Gun (not included)
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