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Corrosion & Painting 

Products & Services

Since our inception in 2003, corrosion prevention, control & repair, and camouflage painting have been at the very core of our business. We have a proven track record of being able to go to locations where corrosion is adversely impacting our military's readiness and ability to operate at the highest level. We have facilities in some of the most corrosive environments in the world including Guam, Europe, and both U.S. coasts. 

In addition to our global brick and mortar locations we also service thousands of military assets with our Mobile Corrosion Repair Facility (MCRF) and Corrosion Service Teams (CST). If you prefer to tackle corrosion on your own, we also have a full line of systems, equipment, training, and materials available.

MILSPRAY’s CPAC/R service is a complete solution backed by our extensive quality assurance program and detailed process. Our procedure has been refined over many years of experience and ensures the best results. Whether the asset only requires spot touch-ups, corrosion preventive compound application, or an entire corrosion removal and repaint. MILSPRAY® is here to prolong the useful life of your vehicles and equipment.

Our Mobile Corrosion Repair Facility (MCRF) has been utilized globally  in support of U.S. Military operations. Since its inception in 2005, over 15,000 military vehicles and pieces of equipment have been restored, reset, or refurbished within these robust, easily erected, tension fabric facilities.

Touch Up Paints

MILSPRAY's patented pre-filled two (2) ounce CARC touch-up kits are self-contained and designed to perform minor touch-up applications. Additionally, and for convenience, each case contains twelve (12) protective gloves, two (2) sanding blocks, and two (2) lint-free tack cloths. Because of the small quantity of paint that is contained in each individual kit they can be shipped by standard commercial means without incurring hazardous material handling fees. Also, the small individual quantities of paint reduces hazardous material quantities after use. If used in its entirety, bottles can typically be discarded in the trash. Please refer to your base's particular regulations pertaining to hazardous materials. They are available with aerosol, brush, or roller applicators.

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