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Corrosion Repair Services – A/M32A-95 Air Start Cart

Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair Services

MILSPRAY® has provided Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair (CPAC/R) services for the U.S. Military since 2003. We offer a diverse suite of services that address any surface treatment and protection challenge for both military and commercial applications. Today we have before and after pictures of a A/M32A-95 Gas Turbine Engine Power Unit (Air Start Cart) for Northrop Grumman receiving our corrosion repair services at one of our Guam locations.





In addition to our global brick and mortar locations we also service thousands of military assets with our Mobile Corrosion Repair Facility (MCRF) and service teams. If you prefer to tackle corrosion on your own, we also have a full line of systems, equipment, and materials.

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