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Camouflage Conversions

Many in the military understand that camouflage paint is much more than just green, black, brown, and tan paint. It is actually known as CARC, or Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, and it provides a multitude of protective measures. CARC provides for the following:

  • IR Signature Suppression

  • Chemical Agent Resistance

  • Biological Agent Resistance 

  • Environmental IR Signature Matching 


The theater of operation dictates what camouflage scheme is appropriate and most effective. As one would surmise, tan is for the desert and woodland camouflage for wooded environments. The lesser known Arctic White is for regions of the world with heavy snow. 

Deploying with the wrong camouflage scheme for the given theater presents a risk to life and property. Instead of suppressing the IR signature, troops and equipment actually become extremely visible or "hot" in the near end IR range of opitcs and targeting systems.

Military leadership who understand this risk have engaged and deployed MILSPRAY® to CONUS and OCONUS locations to perform rapid camouflage conversions.

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