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MILSPRAY® offers our cutting edge Tough Coat™ Military Bed Liners, which substantially enhances and extends the life cycle of military vehicles. This innovative and thoroughly tested coating provides the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance. Tough Coat™ was recently tested and approved for use by the USMC CPAC Program.

MILSPRAY's Tough Coat™ is a lightweight integrated coating system that was designed and developed for military use. The multi-layer composite coating has an integrated layer of CARC and provides the ultimate in enhanced corrosion protection, as well as dent and damage resistance. Tough Coat™ material is tinted to match current camouflage colors and receives a final layer of CARC to preserve the protective qualities of the vehicle's original CARC finish. MILSPRAY® has conducted extensive testing and field trials in the development of Tough Coat™ to ensure its compatibility with the CARC system, including IR signature management.

Tough Coat™ is a spray application and encapsulates the surface it is applied to, which provides the ultimate in corrosion protection. Unlike other corrosion treatments, Tough Coat™ is an enhancement that lasts. Water and air are locked out, and oxidation, the precursor to rust, cannot take hold.

The ideal application for Tough Coat™ is light trailers. These steel trailers are a staple and workhorse of the U.S. military equipment list and are highly susceptible to damage and corrosion. One application of Tough Coat™ can add years to the service life of these heavily used trailers and can eliminate thousands of dollars in life cycle corrosion repair costs. MILSPRAY® is currently under contract with the U.S. military, to apply Tough Coat™ to a multitude of vehicle platforms.

We have operated permanent facilities and have been deployed at military installations from coast to coast for durations ranging from 30 days to 12 months. Whether we are performing depot level corrosion repair services or operating a permanent facility, MILSPRAY® technicians are well trained in all areas of corrosion repair, CARC painting and Tough Coat™ applications.

Suitable Applications

  • HMMWVs
  • MTVRs
  • Quadcons
  • Waterbowls
  • Trailers
  • 5 & 7 Ton trucks

Features & Benefits:

  • Tested, approved & authorized for use within the USMC
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries in minutes
  • Spray on application: on-site or at depot
  • Ultimate corrosion resistant material
  • Anti-slip textured surface
  • Adds years to vehicle & equipment life cycle
Technical Information
 MILSPRAY® Tough Coat™Top Competitors Material
Tensile Strength 2800 PSI 1800 PSI
Elongation 376% 350%
Modulus 200% 1620 PSI 750 PSI
Modulus 300% 1925 PSI n/a

GSA Contract Holder

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