The eXV-1 is the ULTIMATE military vehicle offering MOBILITY, STEALTH and PROTECTION. It will enable its operators to approach a target area undetected while carrying a heavy load; provide protection; and defend itself with its weapon system. Air transportable - there is no place the eXV-1 can’t go, and there is nothing it can’t help accomplish.

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MILSPRAY's eXV-1 combines mobility, protection, and detection avoidance into a highly capable, highly transportable utility package. Designed to traverse complex terrain, the selectable 2WD/4WD differential lock and high/low transfer case provides the capability to get where you need to go. Run-flat bead-lock tires and double-A arm suspension on all four wheels ensure mobility in the most demanding environments. With up to 160kW available from the drivetrain, the eXV-1 powers over obstacles and provides the speed to engage and disengage quickly.

All this power is furnished by a direct drive, electric motor coupled with high performance lithium-polymer batteries. Electric drive reduces signature, both acoustically and thermally, over an internal combustion engine. Blackout capability and infrared lighting further enhance avoidance.

The eXV-1 incorporates ballistic protection for its operators and critical components, increasing operator and vehicle survivability. Protection is provided by MILSPRAY's lightweight composite armor, which is rated to level UL-7 offering the right balance of protection and vehicle performance. A dual-purpose blast mitigating skid plate on the underside of the vehicle reduces exposure to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other ground-level threats. In its tactical configuration, the eXV-1 fits into a C-130, V-22 or CH-47 for drive-on and drive-off capability.


The vehicle’s on-board range-extending generator permits an additional range of 250 miles. Combined with the 50 mile all-electric range afforded by the batteries, the total range of 300 miles exceeds that of a standard HMMWV. This on-board generator also off-boards power in stationary applications, delivering charge to operators safely and discreetly in the most challenging environments.

The eXV-1 is protected by MILSPRAY's Tough Coat™, which is a lightweight anti-corrosive coating system that provides superior impact protection and protects the surface from corrosion, scratches and other abuse, thereby extending the life cycle of the vehicle. This coating system maintains a chemically bonded integration of C.A.R.C. (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) to provide visual camouflage and infrared (IR) signature management that reduces detection under visual and IR surveillance.

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