Scorpion Intelligent Power Center™

While the Scorpion Energy Hunter® provides a means of harvesting available natural energy sources, it is our Intelligent Power Center™ (IPC) that makes it all work in demanding military environments.

The IPC is much more than a “back-up generator” that is found in many hybrid renewable energy systems. The IPC constantly communicates with the Scorpion Energy Hunter® while monitoring battery voltage and system statistics. Instead of supplying power directly to military equipment in the event that renewable sources are inadequate, it keeps the massive battery bank in a state of readiness by monitoring system voltage and supplying a charge when required.

It was designed to deliver substantial savings on fuel usage and cost. Your choice of power centers makes this system ideal for any application:

  • Small Intelligent Power Center (13.5 kW)
  • Large Intelligent Power Center ( 23 kW)

The IPC comes standard with an integrated, double-wall 100 gallon fuel tank with a fuel level indicator. Also standard is a “Quadcon Pallet” that was designed to transport the IPC and has the same footprint as the quadcon for easy transport. It can be outfitted with a floor and tie downs for transporting other cargo as well.

Adjustable Solar Array

High Output Inverters

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® has a large, robust and scalable inverter ideally suited for military operating environments. The inverters have been built with heat and heavy use in mind. They have integrated cooling fans, shock isolation features and a modular design for easy field service. Several integrated safety features exist and all the connection points are contained within the enclosure, minimizing unintentional contact with system components. The inverter is oversized to allow for aerating that must occur with all such equipment operating in high heat environments. The inverters are available in 120v, 240v, single phase or 208V-three phase configurations.

Solar Panels

High Heat Robust Solar Panels

These are not your grandmother’s solar panels! Believe it or not, most solar panels do not perform as well in high heat environments and are very fragile. These panels are high heat rated and maintain nearly 5% more output than most other panels under hot conditions. Each panel contains a set of integrated corner guards to prevent accidental breakage during transport and assembly. When not in use, all panels stow inside the quadcon and rest on shock isolation pads to prevent damage during military transport.

Adjustable Solar Array

Adjustable Solar Array

The solar panels are easily installed in the field and the entire assembled array can be easily tilted in 5 degree increments. This allows for optimum positioning relative to the longitude and latitude at a given location. Having the ability to correctly position or angle an array can increase system harvesting capabilities by as much as 30%.


High Performance Batteries

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® is only as good as its batteries, and our system’s batteries are very good. They represent the best available technology on the market. The Scorpion Energy Hunter® utilizes 48v absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries that are sealed and never require maintenance. Most batteries are significantly derated in high temperature environments, but not the ones in the Scorpion Energy Hunter®. They are built to withstand the wide range of operating environments, storage and charge/ discharge cycles that military solar applications require. The standard Scorpion Energy Hunter® has 48 high capacity batteries providing a total of 3060 amp hours.

System Monitoring

For any power system to be truly intelligent, it must be able to communicate with system users and managers alike. The Scorpion Energy Hunter® offers both local on-site monitoring, as well as remote system monitoring. One screen provides the user with all the vital system information including:

  • Battery temperature
  • Kilowatts harvested in a day
  • Battery bank state of charge
  • Solar panel power generation (in watts)
  • Displays and monitors for alarm conditions
  • Displays amount of power being sent out by inverters (in watts)
External Control Panel
Available GPS
Small and compact for tracking the Scorpion Energy Hunter®

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