System Overview

One of our most innovative systems ever - this field array can be added to any existing microgrid ring bus to reduce fuel consumption. The system “feeds” solar power back on to the camp electrical grid thereby reducing the need for generator power. The system is scalable and can be placed on any terrain, even rocky or hilly. A complete system ships in one (1) Tricon making it rapidly and easily deployable. Connecting to the ring bus is safe and simple and fuel savings begin immediately. This system was developed to meet current military renewable energy mandates and is available immediately.

Ground Array Component

Integrates and feeds power into a microgrid distribution ring to reduce fuel consumption of generators and/or local electric demand. Ground-based array is flexible for installing on uneven terrain, and has a low profile.

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 4.4 gal/day at 5 sun-hours/day
  • Reduces maintenance due to lower run hours
  • Silent operation means reduced sound levels
  • Reduces generator maintenance by lowering number of online gensets in a microgrid
  • Long life, low service requirement components
  • Able to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Rated 120/208 VAC Output: 10kW
  • Standard output connector for connecting to ring bus

System Integration Diagram