System Overview

The Scorpion Intelligent Power Center™ (IPC) is not your traditional generator. It is referred to as an Intelligent Power Center™ (IPC) because it is just that... intelligent. The IPC™ only operates when there is a need for power. Otherwise it remains off and waiting to spring into action - automatically. When integrated with a MILSPRAY® Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) the unit senses any power demands and starts itself and when the system no longer senses a load, it will shut down. This saves an incredible amount of fuel. The system can even be monitored remotely. It comes standard with an integrated 100 gallon fuel reserve that will signal an alarm if there is any fuel leak into the secondary containment area. The system and the integrated quad con skid are available only through MILSPRAY®. If you want to drastically reduce fuel consumption and costs – take a hard look at the Scorpion Intelligent Power Center™.

Control Layout and Features Diagram

System Selection Chart


Computer Control System Provides

  • Automatic remote start
  • Over/Under speed protection
  • Fail-to-start indicator
  • Automatic cool-down timer function
  • Inner tank leak detection and engine stop
  • Volts/Amps/Frequency display
  • Engine operating hours