System Overview

The Scorpion Generator Mate is a revolutionary product that saves lives and money from the moment it is set up. The concept is simple, the product is not. The Generator Mate sits between the military generator and the load, reducing fuel consumption up to 20%. It does this by running the generator at a heavy load when it operates most efficiently. This power is then stored in the Generator Mate and supplied to the load when required. Smaller loads are supplied by the stored energy in the Generator Mate, while larger loads initiate military generator start up. By only utilizing the military generator for heavy loads when it is most efficient, fuel savings are optimized. The system can be grouped into 8 units and shipped in one Tricon.

  • Pairs with 10kW Tactical Quite Generator (TQG) or Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source (AMMPS) Generator to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance, and noise.
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption 20% (2.25 gal/day) compared to a 10kW TQG running continuously at 3kW
  • Reduces generator run time 67%
  • Minimal setup and maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance caused by wetstacking
  • Reduces maintenance due to lower run hours
  • Silent operation/reduced sound levels
  • Li-ion storage system
Power Specs
  • 120/208 VAC Output
  • Continuous 10.8kW
  • 30 min 12kW
  • 5 sec 15kW
  • Surge 18kW
  • Standard Input/Output Connectors and Terminal Outputs


System Integration Diagram