System Overview

While a little less than half the size of our 53 foot system, our Box Truck Series generates just under 160kW of portable power. Like our larger model, the system is comprised of both large solar arrays and highly efficient diesel power. There are no traditional diesel generators used in this system. We harvest the energy created by the truck itself along with the sun.

A key feature of this system is that it is based on a standard Small Box Truck platform. Anyone holding a valid drivers license may drive the system. No commercial or CDL license is required. This provides the ultimate in disaster response flexibility and ensures that the system can be rapidly deployed.

This mobile system may be purchased, leased, or power may be purchased by metered kilowatt hour.


Mobile power system for government agencies, military/DoD applications, disaster relief, emergency responders, etc. Versatile, accessible to most locations, and able to provide meaningful power during those critical first 72 hours.

  • 157.5kW Total
  • 150kW Power Take Off (PTO)-Driven Generator
  • Three Power Inverters
  • 7.5kW Solar Array
  • 1000 Gallon Fuel Storage Bladder
  • Dual 150 Gallon Truck Saddle Tanks
  • 210 Gallon On-board Auxiliary Fuel Tank
  • 1000’ Cabling
  • Distribution Boxes
  • ~3.5 days at 75kW (50% generator power) with only on-board fuel
  • ~6 days at 150kW (100% generator power) with on-board fuel and 1000 gallon fuel bladder fill>/li>
  • 45 kWh/day harvesting capability (at 6 sun-hours/day)

Intended Uses

Municipal Emergency Response
  • Households: 100 average US homes
  • Wastewater treatment facility: 1 small plant (1M gal/day, surface feed)
  • Municipal/Commercial buildings: ~50,000 - 100,000 sq. ft.
FEMA/Disaster Relief
  • Large field hospital: 100+ bed
  • Medium mobile wash/laundry facility: ~12 sets washer/dryers
  • Containerized Housing Unit (CHU): ~300 personnel
  • Medium Base Camps

System Integration Diagram