System Overview

Our 53 foot system is the largest, most powerful solar hybrid system in existence. It combines an Intelligent Power Center™ (IPC) with a full scale solar array system to provide more raw power per square foot than any other solution. This combination of extremely efficient diesel power generation and renewable solar energy can run anything from a hospital to 150 typical homes to a waste water treatment plant.

Since the system is built upon an industry standard tractor trailer platform, it can be easily transported anywhere in the world.

The system is ideal for disaster relief, emergency response, and infrastructure backup. With an onboard fuel storage system and integrated solar harvesting capabilities, the system provides autonomous power for up to three full days before needing any refueling. The system comes standard with high powered area lighting, a power distribution system, and a large deployable fuel bladder.

The system can be purchased, leased, or power may be purchased by metered kilowatt hour.


Mobile power and distribution system for government agency, military, disaster relief, emergency responders, etc. Self deploying, load-based generator staging. Includes distribution capabilities to get the power where it is needed most.

  • 258kW Total
  • Three 80kW IPCs
  • Three 6kW Power Inverters
  • 13.3kW Solar Array
  • 1000 Gallon Fuel Storage Bladder
  • 660 Gallon On-board Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  • 105kWh Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Energy Storage System
  • 1000’ Cabling
  • Multiple Distribution Boxes
  • ~3 days at 120kW (50% generator power) with only on-board fuel
  • ~3.5 days at 240kW (100% generator power) with on-board fuel and 1000 gallon fuel bladder fill
  • 81kWh/day harvesting capability (at 6 sun-hours/day)

Intended Uses

Municipal Emergency Response
  • Households: 150 average US homes
  • Wastewater treatment facility: 1.5 small plants (1M gal/day, surface feed)
  • Municipal/Commercial buildings: ~75,000-150,000 sq. ft.
  • Large construction site
  • Manufacturing facility ~30,000-50,000 sq. ft.
FEMA/Disaster Relief
  • Large field hospital: 200+ bed
  • Larger mobile wash/laundry facility: ~30 sets washer/dryers
  • Containerized Housing Unit (CHU): ~450 personnel
  • Large Camps (Force Protection Expeditionary Base Camp)

System Integration Diagram