Spraying Humvee Mobile Maintenance

In support of U.S. military RESET efforts, MILSPRAY® has been deployed to U.S. military installations coast to coast. Utilizing a patent pending, environmentally compliant, portable shelter system, MILSPRAY® technicians go on-site to repair and recoat all types of military vehicles and equipment. Whether it is assisting a depot or maintenance facility working through backlog, or going to specific units on a base just prior to their deployment, MILSPRAY® has the field facilities and skilled personnel to repair, repaint, and protect vehicles and equipment. MILSPRAY® supplies all environmental permits and/or authorizations to operate on-site.

Our field deployable facilities are robust and field tested. We have operated for extensive periods of time in conditions ranging from the Mojave Desert to severe blizzards and high winds. Typical deployments range from 90 days to 12 months.

The success of our field deployable system is based on the elimination of military vehicle transportation (TOT) costs and the rapid completion of assets and gear inducted into the facility. The system and personnel are cost effective, portable, and rapidly deployable. We offer minimum vehicle downtime and maximum throughput for less than most government repair facilities. Since MILSPRAY® operates on-site, vehicles and equipment are available on demand. As a result, commander availability and combat readiness are optimized.

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Our Scope of Services Include:
Corrosion Removal
Blasting, Mechanical, Chemical
Complete Bodywork
Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, Rivet, Weld
CARC Painting
Spot, Areas, Complete Vehicle
CPC Applications
Corrosion Prevention Compound
Under Carriage Coatings
Tectyl® Application
Marking and Stenciling
Unit and Serial Number
Military Bedliners
Tough Coat™ Applications
Ballistic Resistant System™
Military and Law Enforcement Applications
Dropping and reapplication of armor
Minor Maintenance
Repair/ Replacement of Common Parts


MILSPRAY® is a United States Marine Corps Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC) support contractor. For additional information, please see the USMC CPAC website

GSA Contract Holder

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