Ballistic Resistant System

“We thank the MILSPRAY® team for a great job. The installation team was professional and skilled. We would definitely recommend your company. Thank you for providing additional protection for our officers.”
Captain Greg Meyer, Lakewood Police Department Lakewood, NJ

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The patent pending MILSPRAY's Ballistic Resistant System is specifically designed for standard Municipal and State police vehicles. Adding only 32-44 pounds per door*, the Ballistic Resistant System offers Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Level-III protection. It is designed for a high level of protection with easy installation at a low cost. The system meets National Institute of Justice (NIJ) as well as UL standards for ballistic resistance and undergoes a series of quality controls and testing in accordance with the standard NIJ test protocol.

MILSPRAY’s Ballistic Resistant System consists of a network of panels that may be installed by almost anyone with general knowledge of hand tools. They are installed within the interior of the vehicle door panels, thus hidden from sight and do not interfere with the inner mechanics or appearance of the door. There are no vehicle modifications required. This type of NIJ/UL ballistic protection is easily attainable even with limited municipal/township level budgets.

* Weight estimation only; actual weight will vary based on make and model of the vehicle.

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